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This is a small mod that currently adds close to eighty new items to Dicey Dungeons ready to be used upon installing. Just slap it into your mods folder and you're ready to go!

Try out the thief's new Lockpick alternative, Chopping Block! Chop a dice to get half it's value and do three damage at the same time! Or maybe to Mixing Oven is more your style - it's the Spanner, but strange... combine to dice to get their combined value. Any excess beyond six is converted to raw damage. Or if you're looking for a solid weapon, try the hamaxe. It's the hammer, but also a battle axe!

Updated 14 days ago
CategoryGame mod
Tagsdicey-dungeons, items, mod
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


stuffeditems.zip 68 kB

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rotten tomatoes is a pretty broken snap (use inventor)

Maybe it should have multiple uses, instead of unlimited. Two or three maybe? Still a powerful combo, but not broken. It's kind of weird to have a reuseable item in the Jester's deck, anyway.

I think Rotten Tomatoes is fine as a finale card as Dice Cannon also exists. Getting Inventor card to the end isn't exactly a common occurrence. Thanks for giving feedback!